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Skip Bunton - Athletic Trainer BodySpecs

Skip Bunton of BodySpecs


My journey began as a student athletic trainer for 5 years at Siena Heights College where I received my BS in Biology, working with all the sports teams in the assessment and treatment of athletic injuries.  I then received my MS from Indiana States University in sports medicine and athletic training ( management, assessment, and treatment of sport-related injuries.)

After two years in graduate school, I worked in an orthopedic clinic where I did orthopedic rehabilitation for several years. There I gained a broad exposure to a host of orthopedic issues; pre and post surgery. During this time, I developed a hybrid approach to rehabilitation, and strength and conditioning.

I made the decision to leave my successful clinical career in 1993 to practice my own innovative and unique brand of training that was infused with my expertise in injury prevention and return to work or play, training programs.

Since starting my business, Body Specs, Inc., I was named, “ Top 100 Trainers in America” by Men’s Journal two years in a row and was three times voted, “ Best in Ann Arbor “ (MI) for Personal Training.


My training is intense and involves multiple planes of motion, balance, speed, HIT [before it was popular!} I like the classic Olympic lifts. I am a former bodybuilder so I like to engage in high volume, low reps, Drop sets, high repetition, anaerobic and aerobic training. This could include (10) 30-sec sprints on the inclined treadmill and along with 20 minutes of boxing. I have a series of stability training drills I do to reduce injury during heavy lifts and help in maintaining and sustaining joint mobility and flexibility. As we get older, getting up from prolonged sitting, normal ADL, [activities of daily living] can get ‘uncomfortable; so working on mobility becomes more crucial as we age.  I still like to do sports performance training. It’s fun and reminds me how important maintaining coordination, agility, and stability activities are.


I’m A great cook so eating foods that are considered Paleo, or Keto I have been doing for a long time; From fish to grass-fed meats, a broad spectrum of fruits/vegetables (even the exotic kind)-variety is key! I like cooking vegetarian at least 2-4 times a week, too. I keep my sugar intake low and fats and proteins moderate to high. But the most underrated ‘nutrition’ is sleep. It is the most underrated health requirement. Sleep is where ALL restoration and recovery take place. Poor sleep leads to poor performance in and out of the gym!


I‘m a big fan of supplementation; emphasis on ‘supplementation’! Good health requires a multifactorial approach and no one supplement will give you a solid foundation for sustainable good fitness and overall health.  My body is under stress all day long from running a business to the physical demands of the job so I rely on several vitamins to help me optimize my mental and physical outputs. I am a big fan of Magnesium Threonate, Krill oil, BCAA, turmeric and during the cold season my antioxidants are whole foods i.e pomegranate fruit, blueberries prunes, dark veggies, oranges (all varieties), dark chocolates, red wines, green teas, blueberries, and nuts.  Food variety is key for a solid health constitution.

Name: Skip Bunton

Age: 57

Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan


Skip Bunton - BodySpecs

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