With a growing interest in the nutritional supplements market, we here at Ageless Nutrition thought it might be time to reflect upon some of the health benefits of Fenugreek. This lesser-known white flowering herb produces pungent seeds which we then grind up to produce a curry spice – but there is so much more to the humble Fenugreek than first meets the eye and it has a number of healthy side effects that you would never think possible! We picked out some of our favorite Fenugreek health benefits for your entertainment!


Fenugreek Helps Mothers Make Milk

Perhaps one of the most interesting of the health benefits that Fenugreek has is the ability to increase milk production in breastfeeding mothers. Oddly specific, yes, but also scientifically proven. In fact, this is such a well-known health benefit that Breastfeeding Support had to dedicate a page to it on their website – and they’re not the only healthy mother-and-child focused website to do so.


Fenugreek Helps Manage Diabetes

Another fascinating quality of this plant is that it has a positive impact on both types of diabetes. Healthline cites a study wherein a 54% improvement in blood sugar levels in a test group who had taken Fenugreek seed powder over a ten day period when compared with those who had not. A second study found a13.4% reduction in blood sugar levels in those without diabetes after taking one dose of Fenugreek seed powder.


Fenugreek Aids Weight Loss

We love everything that helps us burn fat faster but Fenugreek has some exceptional weight loss qualities. According to science, this is because it contains Galactomannan which is a compound that the body needs to break down fat molecules and stop the body from storing them. Ergo, a little Fenugreek as a nutritional supplement will go a long way towards helping you achieve your body goals. We found this article from StyleCraze that contains some good recipes on how to incorporate it into your diet, should you choose to opt for the natural method.


Fenugreek is an Antacid

Studies have found that the ability of Fenugreek to treat heartburn is comparable to the effects that designated antacids have. This makes it a fairly effective natural remedy for those who suffer from incessant heartburn or acid reflux.


Ageless Nutrition’s Fenugreek Supplement

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