Modern medicine has finally embraced the wisdom of ancient generations. For far too long we have been relying on the healing qualities of plants without realizing why they worked, to begin with. Thanks to science, we are now able to take a fresh look at some of those plants and cures and find out exactly what properties made them so beneficial, to begin with. One such plant is the Tribulus Terrestris, so we here at Ageless Nutrition put together this list of the top 6 health benefits of this wonderful plant to remind us all of its worth!

What is Tribulus Terrestris?

Tribulus Terrestris is a plant found throughout parts of Europe and the east. Traditional Chinese medicine used it for generations as a beneficial herb that boosted the libido and helps maintain a healthy heart. Modern science has revealed the extent of the health benefits of this plant, and it looks a lot better than everyone first thought!

The health benefits of Tribulus Terrestris


1. It’s good for male sexual health

This miraculous little plant has long been used to treat erectile dysfunction, and recent studies have proven this to be true. According to research firm Examine, Erections in men were improved by taking as little as 1.5 g doses of Tribulus Terrestris. Further, it is a natural ingredient that will treat ED without the horrendous side effects of some big brand medications.

2. It helps keep your heart healthy

According to online health resource WebMD, studies have shown that Tribulus can help keep your heart healthy. Tribulus contains a substance which helps to maintain arterial health which benefits your heart, but that has the bonus of freeing up blood flow to the sexual organs, once again treating the trouble of ED.

3. It can lower blood pressure

The second way it helps to keep your heart healthy and protect against angina is by lowering your blood pressure. In one study cited by Self Hack, Hypertensive subjects were treated with 3g of Tribulus Terrestris daily and, after one week, they all showed significantly lower levels of blood pressure.

4. It reduces the symptoms of depression

Note – it treats the symptoms of depression but not the causes. Laboratory testing showed the improvement of the signs of depression when fed to laboratory mice. It is to be noted that it is not as effective as anti-depressants, but it is a good supplement to take alongside your prescription medications to help you get better.

5. It helps combat diabetes

In studies conducted in 2006 (US NCBI) it was concluded that the relaxing medicinal properties of Tribulus can combat oxidative stress. This means the plant contains compounds which work to soothe inflammation of the internal organs. This acts as a protective agent against the onset of diabetes, but can also aid existing diabetics in the suppression of blood sugar levels. As ever, it is no replacement for your regular medication – but it can make your symptoms better.

6. It’s a Luteinizing Hormone

The best benefit of Tribulus Terrestris is that it is a Luteinizing hormone. These are the hormones directly related to the neural pathways in the brain responsible for fertility. In women, an increase of this hormone might trigger monthly ovulation… for men, it can have a positive impact on sperm count.

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