Here at Ageless Nutrition, we love to learn about the benefits of natural foods. Ginger is a fragrant spice that grows in the East, that we use the root form to grind up and produce this wonderfully flavored healthy spice. Although most of us are familiar with the flavor of this ingredient not all of us know that it has some health benefits, too. We sourced the top 8 of those benefits and put them together to help you start living your best life!

1. Ginger is high in Gingerol

Gingerol is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory substance which the body can utilize to help you stay healthy, heal faster, and generally have more energy. Found naturally in both peppers and chillis as well as in ginger, it is this pungent component which gives ginger its distinctive smell and makes it so delicious!

2. Gingerol helps combat arthritis

As Gingerol has such prevalent anti-inflammatory properties, it can be taken as a supplement to help lessen the pain that this inflammation causes in victims of osteoarthritis. A paper published in the US National Library of Medicine cites ginger as the source of a comparative study on the benefits of ginger extract on patients suffering from this condition. It found that of the 247 participants, 63% noticed a marked improvement in the symptoms of the condition.

3. Ginger soothes your muscles

Online health experts WebMD offer study into whether or not ginger soothes aching muscles. In their study, 23-25% of participants found a noted improvement in the amount of pain felt after doing specifically designed exercises for extended periods of time. This all points towards ginger supplements helping athletes to improve recovery times… we suspect it is those anti-inflammatory properties again, but there isn’t enough research to be certain.

4. Ginger is an anti-nausea wonder plant

The Chinese have used Ginger root for centuries to treat stomach aches and soothe nausea. According to Live Science, this works because ginger contains antacid and anti-inflammatory qualities which do indeed soothe the stomach. Better still it is a safe and natural supplement for pregnant women… arguably those who need it most…

5. Ginger reduces blood sugars

For those with diabetes, ginger can be a literal lifesaver. Healthline report that countless studies have shown the efficacy of this particular supplement in limiting the blood sugars available in the body. As an additional benefit, it also helps the body with insulin regulation.

6. Ginger soothes period pain

To all of those unfortunates who suffer cramp, every month ginger might have the answer. The anti-inflammatory properties contained in this lovely little spice soothe the swelling of the tubes, ovaries, and womb as the body prepares itself for menstruation.

7. Ginger slows the aging process

Our favorite benefit about ginger here at Ageless Nutrition is that it soothes oxidative stress. This type of stress puts pressure on the whole body but is known to accelerate the aging process. Soothing inflammation internally through using ginger is a great and natural way to prevent oxidative stress and keep your system vital.

8. Ginger inhibits bacterial growth

Ginger contains important anti-microbial qualities that make it an effective way to treat an infection caused by an overpopulation of bacteria. This means it is useful against yeast infections, fighting damaging free radicals and other bacterial issues of the body. Research Gate houses this paper from the Baghdad Science Journal that goes into more detail on the matter.

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