The global anti-aging industry is worth approximately $52.5 billion. It’s also expected to reach a valuation of $83.2 billion by the year 2027.

Clearly, people worldwide are willing to spend a lot of money to slow down and reverse the signs of aging. There are plenty of anti-aging solutions that people use for combating these signs. However, anti-aging supplements are among the most popular.

Are you thinking about giving these kinds of supplements a try? Before you do, read on to learn about some common mistakes people make when buying and taking anti-aging supplements. By avoiding these mistakes, you can ensure you stay safe and see great results.

1. Not Researching Supplements

When you’re thinking about using a particular anti-aging supplement, it’s important to do your homework. Supplements can do an excellent job of combating signs of aging and helping you to look more youthful. They’re not all created equal, though.

Before you invest in and start taking a supplement, do some research. This includes looking up the supplement’s ingredients, its effects, and potential side effects that might accompany it. Try to read reviews from a variety of sources so you can get a well-rounded view of this product.

2. Not Researching Supplement Makers

Be sure to research supplement makers, too. There are plenty of effective products on the market that are sold by reputable supplement websites. At the same time, though, there are plenty of supplements that are of, shall we say, dubious provenance.

When you’re considering a specific supplement, find out what kind of processes the supplement maker goes through to ensure it’s safe and effective. This will help you determine whether or not they and their products are trustworthy.

3. Guessing Instead of Testing

Before you start taking certain supplements, especially vitamin or mineral supplements, it’s a good idea to get some testing done. Blood tests can help you to determine whether or not you’re deficient in any nutrients. If you are, then you can add specific supplements to fill in the gaps and help you slow down the signs of aging.

Some common nutrient deficiencies associated with aging include the following:

  • Iron deficiency can lead to dry, brittle hair and nails
  • Vitamin C deficiency can contribute to wrinkles and sagging skin
  • Vitamin A deficiency can contribute to wrinkles
  • Amino acid deficiencies can lead to skin thinning and slow wound healing
  • Biotin deficiency can cause skin thinning
  • Omega-3 fatty acid deficiency can also lead to skin thinning, wrinkles, and slow healing.

Failure to test before adding a specific supplement to your routine can lead to overconsuming a specific nutrient. This, in turn, can result in unpleasant side effects and can do more harm than good.

4. Not Taking Supplements Consistently

You can’t take a supplement (especially an anti-aging supplement) once and expect to wake up looking years younger. It takes time and consistency if you want to see results.

Before you write off a particular supplement and claim that it doesn’t work, make sure you’re taking it on a regular basis for at least a couple of weeks.

Studies show that it takes about two weeks of consistent supplementation for many vitamins and minerals to take effect. Some supplements might take longer (even as much as eight weeks in certain cases).

5. Taking Supplements on an Empty Stomach

Most anti-aging supplements need to be taken with food. If you take them on an empty stomach, you might be more likely to experience nausea or other unpleasant supplement side effects.

These effects are especially common when it comes to taking supplements that contain vitamin C and iron. Vitamin C is particularly problematic for lots of people, partly due to the fact that it’s very acidic.

6. Taking Too Small of a Dose

While taking too much of a supplement can certainly be problematic, the same can be true of taking too little. If your dose of a particular anti-aging supplement is too low, it’s likely that you won’t experience any significant improvements from it. It might also take you longer than you’d like to notice changes, even if you’re taking the supplement consistently.

If you’re worried about negative side effects from a particular product, it is okay to start with a smaller dose than what is recommended on the package. By sticking with that smaller dose and failing to increase over time, though, you could be holding yourself back from seeing good results.

7. Not Factoring in Your Medical History

It’s essential that you take your medical history, including my medications you might be taking, into account before you start using a particular anti-aging supplement.

Some ingredients in anti-aging supplements can interact negatively with prescription and over-the-counter medications. For example, vitamin C can interact with drugs like Adderall, amoxicillin, and aspirin.

Anti-aging ingredients might also exacerbate the symptoms of certain health conditions. If you suffer from kidney stones, for example, high doses of vitamin C can be problematic.

To avoid potentially negative interactions, it’s always a good idea to talk to your doctor before starting a supplement. They can help you figure out which supplements are right for you and ensure you don’t take anything that isn’t ideal for you.

8. Relying Too Much on Supplements

Finally, remember that supplements are helpful, but they’re not everything. They should be one component of your healthy lifestyle.

If you want to improve your skin and minimize wrinkles, skin health supplements can certainly help. Make sure you’re not undoing their effects with poor diet and lifestyle choices, though. After all, if you never wear sunscreen, don’t drink water, and get subpar sleep every night, there’s only so much your skin supplements can do for you.

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