Most people associate anti-aging with cosmetic procedures such as botox, facelifts, and very expensive skin creams. While these procedures may help reduce the symptoms of aging, they do not get to the root cause of aging, which is at the cellular level.

According to research, regular physical activity has anti-aging benefits, to the cellular level. Some participants in the study were able to shave up to ten years off of their biological clocks. If you added all-natural energy supplements to your anti-aging fitness routine, you are destined to slow down the aging process. This will help you keep that desired youthful glow.

The problem is, not all exercise is created equally. This means that there are only specific types of exercise that have anti-aging benefits. How do you know if your exercise routine can help slow down your aging process?

Thankfully, we’ve created this article to help you discover how a fitness routine with all-natural energy supplements to help you stay youthful for a bit longer. Keep on reading to learn more.

What is Anti-Aging Exercise?

While the fitness industry pushes the motivation that fitness is all about how you look, new scientific studies have been showing that it is also about how you feel and increase your longevity.

This is all because of Telomeres, which are these little protective caps on the end of each chromosome. As we age, the more our cells divide, which over time causes the telomeres to shorten to the point where they are too small to protect the chromosomes. This eventually causes the exposed cell to become old and die off, which causes the effects of aging.

Thankfully, exercise comes into the rescue and can preserve the length of the telomeres. However, science still has not figured how! Some researchers believe that it is because exercise lowers the oxidative stress and inflammation caused by stress over time.

The Best Anti-Aging Exercises

Now that you know the benefits of exercise for anti-aging, you are probably wondering how you can include these new exercises into your workout routine. However, the best exercise to look younger is not a leisurely walk in the park. Telomere lengthening workouts involved rigorous exercise at a higher intensity level.

Scientists performed a controlled study on various forms of exercise to test for their results on telomerase length and activity. This included resistance training, interval training, and endurance training. They discovered that the more intense the exercise, the better results with telomere improvement. This means that high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and aerobic endurance training are the keys to anti-aging.

High-intensity interval training involves shorter bursts of intense exercise followed by short rest periods. This can be done with various forms of exercises including:

  • Running, run fast for 30 seconds, then walk for 30-60 seconds
  • Swimming, swim fast for 100-200 meters, then rest for one minute
  • Biking, bike fast for 30 seconds, then slow down for 15 seconds

HIIT activity does not have to be some of the above exercises, it can also be done in the form of plyometrics. You could perform multiple different plyometrics in the form of a Tabata workout, which is 20 seconds on, followed by 10 seconds off for a total of eight rounds which is four minutes in length.

It could look something like this:

  1. 20 Seconds of jump squats
  2. 10 Seconds rest
  3. 20 Seconds of burpees
  4. 10 Seconds rest
  5. 20 Seconds of mountain climbers
  6. 10 Seconds rest
  7. 20 Seconds of Skater jumps
  8. 10 Seconds rest
  9. Repeat one more time

As long as your heart rate is high and you feel like you are having an intense workout, then you are on the right path to anti-aging exercise!

Why You Need All-Natural Energy Supplements For Exercise

Now that you know the benefits of HIIT workouts for anti-aging, there is one essential component still missing, which is the all-natural energy supplements. Without the right supplementation, you could be adding more harm than good to your body during exercise.

While exercise may help to improve Telomere length, it can also cause inflammation, especially in the muscles. This happens because vigorous exercise disrupts the sarcomeres which are little contractile components within the muscle fibers. It also causes damage to the muscle cell membranes and reduces the overall electrolyte count.

While this does not mean that exercise is bad, it just means that you need to support it with the right routine. This is why many professional athletes have to follow a strict therapy routine that consists of cryotherapy (cold water therapy), compression gear, and the right supplementation.

To prevent exercise-induced inflammation, you need the right all-natural energy supplements including L-Arginine, L-Citrulline, natural beetroot, and other similar ingredients.

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Learn More About the Right Supplements for Anti-Aging Exercise

Now that you know the benefits of exercise for anti-aging, and the best form of anti-aging exercises, it is essential that you also support the exercise with the right all-natural energy supplements.

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