Agelessness, the ability to stop the clock on our bodies, or at least feel like we have so we can continue to live a full life. Where our inside, outside of our bodies, or both are free from the aging process.

Something we all wish for once we have reached a more mature again, to stop the aging process and not have to worry about our bodies internally or externally.

There are some things we can do to promote the overall health of our bodies to help us feel ageless. One of these is exercise and using the heart to accomplish this is an excellent place to start.

Our hearts can increase the pumping action within our bodies depending on how fast or slow we are moving. In doing this, we can remove toxins and impurities from our bodies at a faster rate. We also tone our body, reduce the risk of major illnesses like heart disease and stroke and bring more energy to our bodies.

Senior couple riding bicycles

What’s The Best Cardio Workout?

In performing what is known as cardiovascular exercises, we perform aerobic type exercises to bring us a complete body workout from head to toe with one type of exercise.  We spend less time at the gym or focusing in general on our body.

Exercise has the potential to promote agelessness in the entirety of our bodies from our brain and organs to muscles, joints and skeletal system. Any activity that moves your body can be considered aerobic and a heart-healthy exercise that promotes agelessness within the body, so long as you aren’t sedentary. From dancing to tennis, jogging, hockey, and swimming, anything that moves your body to increase your heart rate would be considered both heart healthy and aerobic.

These types of exercise can be done in short periods where you up your heart rate and sweat a little or a lot, you burn calories, tone muscles, and rid the body of impurities thus promoting agelessness within the body.

Here are the most popular cardio workouts for improving heart health:

  • Walking
  • Jogging or running
  • Climbing stairs
  • Bike rides
  • Swimming
  • Elliptical machine exercises
  • Dancing
  • Water aerobics
  • Jump rope

Cardio Exercise Benefits Heart Health

Cardio-focused exercises are great because you don’t need any special equipment to perform them. Things like a stationary bike or treadmill might be great to have but aren’t necessary. Your basic equipment of possibly hand weights or leg weights that can be added or removed at any time during aerobics. Possibilities are endless for aerobic exercise in keeping your body toned and fit as well as promoting an ageless look and feel in terms of your body’s health and appearance.

Regular cardio workout routines can:

  • Strengthen your heart and blood vessels
  • Improve the flow of oxygen throughout your body
  • Lower your blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Reduce your risk for heart diseasediabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, and some kinds of cancer

As with any exercise, consulting a trained physician before beginning this journey is essential for the overall health of your body.  They can instruct you on what will be the best course of exercise and if you have any limitations due to health issues.

Starting your fitness journey to better health and agelessness is a process, starting slow and gradually increasing is the best way to ensure the safety and overall health of your body as well as staying on track with your exercise.

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