What Is Horny Goat Weed? Horny goat weed is a herb native to China and grows in wild areas. It is found in abundant amounts at altitudes. It was used as an infusion at that time for drinking purpose, but now it is available in other forms as well. Icariin is an active compound which is flavonoid in nature and gives plants the color along with providing health benefits. It is known for its therapeutic purpose for centuries. In traditional Chinese medicine, it was one of the most used herbs to enhance the sex drive in men and women and… Read More »

Feeling tired and sluggish? Has your libido decreased over the past few months? Your testosterone levels might be the culprit. Testosterone, the primary male sex hormone, influences your energy, libido, sex drive, and metabolism. Its levels reach their peak in adolescence and decrease by 0.4 to 2% per year after age 30. Luckily, it’s possible to prevent testosterone decline through lifestyle changes. Simple things, such as taking an energy support formula and getting more exercise, can make all the difference. But what’s the connection between testosterone, libido, and energy levels? Most importantly, what can you do to regain your energy… Read More »

If nourishing hair is a priority, you have to develop a routine that will help you have the hair of your dreams. Taking care of your holistic health and taking the right supplements can help you more than you know. So what should you know about taking care of your hair? Follow these tips. 1. Become Mindful of the Way You Eat Everything about your health starts with what you eat. If you take care of your diet and nutrition, your hair health will reflect that. People who take in quality nutrients and avoid unhealthy foods tend to have vibrant,… Read More »

Turmeric is a lot more than just a little spice – it has numerous health benefits, too. We here at Ageless Nutrition put together a list of 10 proven health benefits of Turmeric just for you! 1. Turmeric is a source of Curcumin Curcumin is the yellow pigment contained within the spice which soothes the oxidative processes of the body. Oxidation describes the bodies ability to fight back against free radicals, which can be negatively impacted if we don’t get enough of particular anti-oxidants. When this happens we call it oxidative stress (Healthline) and it can cause diseases if we… Read More »

When the topic of arthritis comes up, we should be aware that it is not one specific thing. It is a general term that is used about over 100 different conditions. The name is used because all of those conditions affect joints and tissues that surround them. Arthritis itself is an inflammatory process that occurs in joints and is not isolated to the elderly, or athletes as it could be related to genetics. The symptoms of arthritis are similar to other inflammatory processes and involve swelling, aching and general pain in your bones. The most widespread types of arthritis are… Read More »

Nearly 10% of Americans are living with arthritis, reports the International Association for the Study of Pain. The same source notes that musculoskeletal pain, including joint pain, is the most common type of chronic pain. Aging, injuries, poor nutrition, and smoking all can lead to joint problems. It takes just one wrong move your hurt your wrist, knee, or ankle. A diet low in calcium, vitamin D, and other key nutrients can further worsen these issues. One way to prevent and reduce joint pain is to make dietary changes. All-natural joint supplements can enhance your body’s ability to repair damaged… Read More »

The vaccines and the immunity they will offer are coming to all of us soon, however COVID-19 is still spreading across the United States, we are all looking for ways to protect ourselves. Taking steps that help in boosting the immune system is always beneficial. More robust immune systems have a better chance of fighting this virus. How to boost our immune system is more important than ever. We will try and address this important point in this article. Continue reading to learn ways to build up your immune system. How the Immune System Works When the body detects a… Read More »

Yellow root, also known as goldenseal, is an herb that dates back to early Native American Tribes. They used it as a remedy for a variety of health issues and believed that it contained powerful healing properties. The popularity of yellow root has exploded in recent years, and it’s one of the best-selling herbs in the United States. People use yellow root, ageless nutrition supplements and other yellow root products for everything from digestive problems to skin issues. Here’s a look at the many benefits of yellow root. Immune Booster Yellow root contains berberine and canadine. These two alkaloids stimulate… Read More »

Joints are moveable parts of the body that helps in locomotion and mobility. There are many types of joints present in the body such as the: Hinge joint Ball and socket joint Elbow joint Knee joint Gliding joint They are classified according to their anatomy and their movement. Some joints are flexible and provide three-dimensional movement, but few joints have limited mobility. They are composed of cartilage, that cushions the bone ends and provides flexibility. Joint health is critical because any deficiency in body or inflammation in bones may cause several bone-related disorders such as arthritis, osteoporosis, etc. The primary… Read More »

Have you been feeling stressed or anxious recently? Then you may be considering medication to make you feel better. Unfortunately, prescription anti-anxiety mediation often comes with a host of unwanted side effects. For a more natural way of easing stress and anxiety, consider these herbs and supplements which work as natural remedies. Remember, recommended doses can differ depending on the product and your individual needs, so it’s essential to shop for high-quality options reputably obtained from genuine and trustworthy brands. Here are the best stress reduction supplements on the market. 1. Valerian Root Valerian root comes from a plant originating… Read More »

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