The Burdock, also popularly known by other names such as Lampazo, Arctium lappa, is a biannual herbaceous plant of the Compositae family. It is native to Europe and can reach two meters in height, with large elongated leaves and very characteristic and identifiable violet flowers. For its medicinal properties for home remedies, the leaves, seeds, and roots are mainly used (because they are more abundant in active principles). Health Benefits Of Burdock Root The Burdock root has inulin, phytosterol, and phenolic acids, among other compounds. It is known to include many health benefits such as being antiseptic, alkalizing, a laxative,… Read More »

What are Nootropic Supplements? Nootropics, also called smart drugs and memory enhancers, are natural or synthetic substances that can improve our mental abilities. They are capable of increasing both our memory, alertness, and concentration, as well as many other brain functions. Nootropics can enhance our mood, help us relax and make us function better under pressure. They are especially popular among those who seek to improve their productivity. Students and professionals usually use them from various fields. Take these effect claims in light of research precedents for individual ingredients or compounds. Often, nootropics are “stacked” with other things to make… Read More »

Blood pressure is not something we often think about if our health is not adversely affected by it. But we should be aware of it nevertheless. It refers to one of the most essential processes, which occurs in our body continuously. It’s what forces out blood to move around in through our veins and arteries, delivering oxygen, hormones, white cells, antibodies and nutrients to our organs, propagating the existence of life itself. Not only does it provide, but it also takes away the waste our body produces when it filters food and liquids through the liver and kidneys. It is… Read More »

Through the last decade, the avocado has become known as a magical and healthy fruit. You will continuously see it being mentioned as one of the healthiest things to include in your diet. You will also see trending beauty products that contain avocado oil for anti-aging properties to provide youthful looking skin. It is ascribed with lots of properties that for some might seem a bit ridiculous. However, the thing is that Avocado is, in fact, a unique food. One of the main reasons behind this is that unlike other fruits, which are an excellent supply for carbohydrates, Avocado provides… Read More »

Agelessness, the ability to stop the clock on our bodies, or at least feel like we have so we can continue to live a full life. Where our inside, outside of our bodies, or both are free from the aging process. Something we all wish for once we have reached a more mature again, to stop the aging process and not have to worry about our bodies internally or externally. There are some things we can do to promote the overall health of our bodies to help us feel ageless. One of these is exercise and using the heart to… Read More »

Staying hydrated is always important but becomes even more critical during the summer months when dehydration becomes a significant risk. Drinking water is important to provide your body with the fluids it requires. However, diet also plays an essential role in the foods we eat impacting on our hydration levels. But what are some of the best, and worst, foods to eat if you want to stay hydrated during summer? Foods To Hydrate The Body  Studies show that around 20 percent of our fluid intake comes from the foods we eat. In the summer months, where sweat can rapidly deplete water stores,… Read More »

At some point in our lives, we will experience back pain. A very small percentage of the general population will be spared from it. Almost in all cases, the center of the pain will be in the lower back, which is a very complex construction responsible for a wide range of functions. Most importantly lower provides strong support and degree of flexibility to whole construction. It does this by being a center where many of your bones, muscles, and nerves interconnect. However, due to this large concentration, there can be a number of things that can go wrong. And it… Read More »

Mood disorder is a blanket term that is used to refer to many conditions that caused instability in a person’s mood — the reasons for this range widely from depression to bipolar disorder. More often than not the condition does not have a constant effect. But is characterized by an unstable succession of moods, expressed in a rapid change of personality. Just being under the weather and having a generally negative outlook for no apparent reason, can also be classified as a mood disorder. The treatments for this condition vary and depend on the severity of it and underlining cause.… Read More »

The brain, like the rest of our muscles, requires regular exercise to keep it strong and healthy. Unlike our bodies, it can be difficult to know what the most effective ways to train our brain are. For this reason, some people choose to ignore brain exercises, putting them at risk of developing diseases like dementia as they age.  In this article, we’ll provide some exercises you can do to keep your brain as fit as your body. 1. Work Your Brain With Puzzles The most effective ways of training your brain are by doing problem-solving exercises like crosswords and sudoku.… Read More »

If you’re having trouble achieving deep, restful sleep and you haven’t considered your zinc levels, now may be the time. It’s a mineral naturally found in trace amounts in our bodies that perform roles like aiding in cell division and the breakdown of carbs. Zinc helps metabolize food and balances hormones. Studies now show that taking extra zinc before bed can lead to more restorative sleep. Zinc alone does not help you fall asleep, but it does aid in more profound, less fitful sleep. It suppresses the nervous system and acts as an antidepressant. Lowering anxiety levels, in turn, helps… Read More »

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