Swimming is a great low-impact, total body workout that is a great way to stay in shape. However, spending too much time in the pool can have negative effects on your hair and skin. Caused by chlorine and other chemicals, your hair and skin can become dried, damaged, brittle, and in some cases, your hair can even be bleached green. Luckily, these adverse effects are easily avoidable by following these seven prevention steps. Protect Your Hair and Skin Coconut Oil Applying coconut oil to your hair before swimming is a great way to protect it by adding a layer of… Read More »

Sleep is so precious. Getting a good night’s sleep will help you begin your day with energy and excitement. Sleep does, however, provide more than energy and getting rid of those bags under your eyes. Sleep is an important piece of the puzzle that is your overall health. The proper amount of sleep provides your body with essential benefits that are needed, while a lack of sleep can be harmful to your body. Too Little Sleep Not having enough sleep can cause someone a lot worse side effects than yawning and irritability. Memory loss is just one example. While you… Read More »

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