Yoga is one of the best ways to help your body stay in shape. In addition to increasing your flexibility, yoga will strengthen your core, improve cardio and circulatory health, and even help improve metabolism, among other benefits. However, with the rewards yoga can provide, there is always the risk of injury. Below we’ve highlighted a few common injuries that can be caused by practicing yoga. Additionally, there are tips on how to help avoid these injuries, as well how to treat them if they do unfortunately occur.

Common Yoga Injuries


When you hurt your knee during yoga, the pain typically comes from your inner knee, more specifically your meniscus. The meniscus is cartilage that pads the knee joint and helps guide its movement. There are many poses that can put a strain on your knees including the Lotus Pose, Fish Pose, and Half-Bound Lotus.


When hamstrings become sore from yoga, it’s typically in the upper third of the muscle. Hamstrings consist of three long muscles that cover the back of your thighs, and the upper third has tendons that are attached to bones. It’s typically these tendons that are causing you pain. Forward-bending poses are often the cause of hamstring pain. However, any pose that emphasizes on that muscle can cause pain. The pain that comes from the hamstrings are microscopic tears, caused when the hamstrings is pulled beyond your range of motion.

Lower Back

In addition to causing hamstring problems, forward-bending poses can cause lower back problems. Issues such as bulging discs and strains can occur. Improper form is often the cause of lower pain from yoga. Keeping your back as straight is the correct form – even if that means a slight bend in your knees. Also, avoid folding in too deep and make sure you’re using your abs to stabilize your core, and this will help with your form.

How to Avoid These Injuries

The best way to prevent the injuries listed above is to know your limits. Pushing yourself is great and should be done, but with a caveat. Knowing exactly how far you can be pushed is essential. You should never feel pain when pushing yourself beyond your limits. Don’t push, pull, or thrust any part of your body whether it be your knees, back, or legs. If your body can’t get into the proper pose, that’s fine. Your overall health and joint health specifically are much more important.

Joint Supplements Can Help

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