There’s a new supplement on the market for those who are suffering from memory loss, whether that is caused by old age, chemo or dementia. Cognitive impairment is an issue for nearly 13 percent of Americans studies, according to the Center for Disease Control. This supplement is called apoaequorin, and it is a calcium binding protein that comes from jellyfish. The protein was first discovered in the Aequorea Victoria jellyfish in 1962 and allows the jellyfish to produce flashes of light by releasing calcium. Apoaequorin is the main ingredient in Prevagen, which was the number one selling brain support supplement in 2016, according to Nielsen.

There is no real science to prove that this protein actually does anything to help with memory in humans. The only study that reported helping with memory problems was sponsored by Quincy Bioscience, the company that produces Prevagen.  Participants underwent testing using a computerized program at four points during, and reported improvements and executive functioning and delayed recall. However, the methods used are nonstandardized test methods, and other parts of the study had methodological issues. Its assessment questions were nonstandardized, it had an open-label design, and it had a very small sample size. Since the testing methods were not standard, the study is basically useless to compare this supplement to others that try to do the same thing, such as gingko biloba or vitamin B-12.

While there is some validity to the idea that, as a protein, may support more healthy and functional cells, there is absolutely no proof that apoaequorin specifically is helpful. There’s technically no proof that it is not helpful, either, but if you are worried about your mental state and your memory loss, you should take something that you know is going to help.

Natural Brain & Memory Supplement That Works

If you want a supplement that will actually work in the same way that apoaequorin claims to, try something like AgelessBrilliance, which contains 100 percent of your daily requirement for folic acid and 1000 percent of your needed B-12 as well as a solid dose of gingko biloba, making sure that you have more than enough of the vitamins that help your brain function.


For more scientifically proven ways to help with your memory, make sure that you are staying active in both mind and body as well as eating fatty fish like salmon and tuna regularly for the omega three fatty acids, and sticking to a Mediterranean diet.

There might be science in the future that proves a connection between brain function, memory, and this jellyfish protein, but it’s not worth it without knowing any of the other potential side effects of apoaequorin in the long term. It’s been proven safe for consumption, but it’s never been properly tested on humans in the long term. Other methods are safer and more tested to do exactly what they say they do. They make much better options than apoaequorin.