Beards are considered to be a symbol of manhood and are trending in today’s styles for men. This booming market has men running after products and supplements to get the beard they’ve always wanted. Some men are even taking more intense actions such as beard implant surgery. Although beard growth depends upon many factors such as genetic, health, age, and hormone levels, some supplements can enhance the beard growth.

An all-natural formula such as AgelessHAIR, is a premium supplement packed full of vitamins and minerals to boost hair growth. AgelessHAIR contains natural ingredients that not only promote beard growth but also help to improve hair quality and health, along with better skin and nails. This supplement gives you the best results because it is natural and doesn’t contain heavy metallic ions. It’s prepared by the highly qualified FDA registered facility in the USA. 

8 Essential Vitamins for a Fuller Beard:



Biotin is a vitamin that is very important for hair growth and strengthens the existing hair. Biotin is very useful for head hair as well as for facial hair. Men who used biotin supplement for facial hair growth have shown excellent results in the form of a thick and shiny beard.

Horsetail (Leaf) Extract

There are two reasons that horsetail leaf extract is beneficial for healthy beard growth. It contains silica which is responsible for collagen production, which not only promotes hair growth but also prevents the aging of the skin. The other reason that this extract is added to this supplement is of its ability as a testosterone booster. Testosterone is a male hormone and its low levels can cause hair loss or lacking the ability to grow hair, but this extract is really good to boost testosterone levels which ultimately promote beard growth.

Burdock, Yellow dock, Sarsaparilla, Red Clover, and Dandelion

These all are natural plant extracts which are added to this supplement to enhance its efficacy. The extracts contain a variety of antioxidants which scavenges the free radicals in the body and fight the inflammation in the body. They also improve blood circulation which not only promotes beard growth but also improves the quality of skin, nails, and hair.


This natural amino acid is usually known for its role in improving joint health. Collagen helps in regenerating the cells of joints, skin, eyes, nails, and hair. It also promotes hair growth and improves the quality of existing hair; that’s why it is an active ingredient for beard growth supplements.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A doesn’t have a direct role in facial hair growth, but it contains a significant number of antioxidants which helps in scavenging the free radicals that are produced in the body and improves the blood circulation. It helps to produce the testosterone hormone which helps in beard growth and improving sex drive.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C or ascorbic acid is excellent to increase the production of testosterone, which a is male hormone responsible for beard growth. It is also effective in reducing the stress hormone “cortisol” levels which is usually responsible for reducing testosterone level. Vitamin C is enriched with antioxidants that helps in improving skin quality, reducing pigmentation and healthy hair.

Folate / Folic Acid

Folic acid or folate in combination with zinc helps to regulate testosterone levels. Men having a deficiency of folate may suffer from hair loss from head or face. It also prevents premature greying of hair. The supplements containing folate are best for beard growth.

Vitamin B-12

This vitamin is an essential vitamin for beard growth because it improves blood circulation towards hair follicles. It strengthens the hairs by improving blood circulation that makes hairs shiny and stimulates the production of beard growth.

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You will surely see a healthy change in your beard from the unique blend of these premium ingredients found within AgelessHAIR. With a 60-day money back guarantee and a product made in the USA, you can feel good about purchasing this quality supplement.