Every week, it seems there’s a new, “trendy” approach to losing weight – a gimmicky new diet, or a hot new workout routine. We’re continually being told that they’ve just discovered the key to quickly and easily shaking off your weight; and yet, every time we indulge these “genius” innovations, we find ourselves disappointed.

It’s profoundly disheartening. For some folks, it’s enough to put them off weight loss matters entirely. But what we need to understand is, not only is weight loss, possible – it’s also as simple as can be. All we need to do is avoid the branded, gimmicky “quick fixes” being always thrown at us, and return to a simple, natural approach.

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Weight Loss Tips

1. Keep a food diary

Ours is a day and age when we seem to continually be rushing to make some appointment, or meet some deadline. As a result, the time left for stuff as essential as eating is minimal at best; and we tend to chow down as quickly as possible on whatever’s at hand.

The consequence of this, you might find, is that you barely remember what you eat day to day – and that makes it increasingly challenging to ensure that you’re consuming a healthy diet.

For a few weeks, or even just a few days, keep a food diary – a little list on hand to jot down everything you eat, from main meals to offhand snacks. The chances are that you may well find yourself surprised, looking back, to see how much unhealthy stuff you have consumed over a week; but it’ll also be an ideal way of pinning down just when and where you can improve your diet.

2. Find excuses to exercise

Another consequence of our hectic modern lifestyles is that, unless our job requires physical labor, we so often don’t have the time to get in a bit of exercise.

The trick is to find excuses to do so. Even a bit of a stroll can burn more calories than you otherwise would have on an average day.

Look for the slightest opportunity to exercise a bit without compromising your schedule. Get off the bus a stop early on your way home from work, and walk back. During lunch, walk around the corner to your local park to eat. On the weekend, cut out an hour of TV and replace it with an hour of jogging. As ever, the little things add up.

3. Find snacking alternatives

For many of us, the excess weight comes from snacking. We might be keeping our prepared meals as healthy and nutritious as our budget allows, but even casually wolfing down a single doughnut or chocolate to calm our nerves after a rough day can put on enough calories to necessitate an extra mile of jogging.

We all snack. It’s more than natural, especially when faced with the stressful rigors of modern life. And unfortunately, given that most available, affordable snacks are packed with empty calories, this simple distraction can be very costly to our health.

The trick is not to avoid snacking; it’s to acknowledge that it’s something that you almost certainly will do and to plan for it. Instead of keeping cookies in your pantry, keep rice crackers. Instead of walking down to the vending machine to grab a chocolate bar during a stressful day at work, keep a bag of grapes at your desk. Identify the moments you tend to snack more and prepare for them adequately.

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5 Natural Fat Burners

You might have heard about supplements present in the market that may be of muscle gain or fat loss. This article is about the fat burner supplements for the workout that helps you attain fat loss. These supplements help you to burn fat, reduce appetite, and to increase metabolism. There are some controversies due to their side effects etc. but here you will come to know about five natural fat burner supplements that can help you to lose fat fast.

1. Green tea extract

Green tea is commonly known for its antioxidant potential and weight loss, but these days you can quickly get the green tea extract in supplement form. This may be present in capsule or powder form and has concentrated extract of green tea. This is enriched in caffeine and EGCG (polyphenol epigallocatechin gallate) which are fat burners. These two components burn the body fat by inducing the process known as thermogenesis in the body. During this process, the body burns fats and calories to produce heat. This extract helps you to get rid of drinking 3 to 5 cups of green tea per day as it has the same amount of antioxidants and components that burn fat. This has no side effects but can be intolerant to people who are caffeine sensitive, otherwise its good for fat loss in the belly area.

2. Glucomannan

This is a type of soluble fiber present in the root of the elephant yam, that is also known as konjac. It is useful and easy to use. Add it to water, which will absorb the water and forms a gel-like consistency. It can be taken before half an hour before meals to get better results regarding fat loss. This promotes the feeling of fullness, which helps you to consume lower calories and reduces the carbohydrates cravings. It also reduces the release of ghrelin hormone that induces the feeling of hunger.

This is an excellent fiber and bacteria friendly; it also facilitates the digestion and reduces bloating. According to studies, people who took glucomannan with healthy diet helped them to lose weight. This is also effective for people suffering from high cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood pressure, etc. because this reduces them and helps in burning body fats. Psyllium husk can also be used as a natural supplement to burn fat, but glucomannan is the best soluble fiber.

3. Green coffee bean extract

Regular coffee beans are roasted ones, but green coffee beans are the common coffee bean which is not processed. This extract works miraculously as a fat burner and helps in weight loss. It contains chlorogenic acid, which slows down the carbohydrate metabolism in the stomach and caffeine that facilitates fat burning. Overall it induces fat burn by stimulating metabolism. It also lowers blood pressure and blood sugar levels that is a help for people suffering from diabetes and heart disease. It is a useful supplement for fat burn due to its strong antioxidant potential.

4. Raspberry ketones

Raspberries are favorite of many due to its lovely color and flavor, but the surprising fact is that it can help you to burn fat faster. The component named “raspberry ketone” is present is the raspberries that also provides specific smell to the berries helps in fat burning. This is extracted from the berries and added to weight loss supplements. These days synthetic version of raspberry ketones is also available that works similarly. These ketones stimulate the production of adiponectin hormone, which increases the fat burning processes.

5. Garcinia Cambogia Extract

This is one of the popular supplements used for fat burning and is an extract from small green pumpkin shaped fruit, known as garcinia cambogia. This is available in a pill form in the market. The fruit skin contains hydroxycitric acid (HCA), which is the active ingredient of extract that helps in weight loss. It inhibits the fat producing enzyme in the body and increases the production of serotonin, which helps in getting active. It also reduces food cravings. When used with food control, it helps in weight loss.


Bottom line

These mentioned natural fat burner supplements are safe to use and do not exhibit any side effects, but it depends upon person health. So, if you have any medical condition, consult a physician to avoid any side effects. Its always good to start any supplement after consulting a physical trainer or doctor.


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