Fenugreek is an often overlooked herb which has a variety of fantastic health benefits; as well as its own unique taste. Traditionally, the plant is harvested and dried out before it is ground into a fine powder which makes a lovely curry spice – but Fenugreek is also useful to breastfeeding mothers because it contains properties which help boost milk production. Here at Ageless Nutrition, we wanted to share this good news about Fenugreek and to try and find as much information about it for you as we can!

Fenugreek – How does it work?

Fenugreek has a number of health benefits It has anti-inflammatory properties which soothe muscles aches and pains and reduce oxidative stress. It can be used to reduce cholesterol levels, combat stomach pain and menstrual cramps and can even reduce fever. It is all-natural and has been used as a healing herb for generations. It is only through modern science that we have finally been able to measure the effects of this wonderful plant for sure. Studies have proven it to be an effective natural treatment for breastfeeding mothers who are suffering from lack of milk. If you are interested you can find notations from several of these studies by visiting the US National Library of Medicine.

Fenugreek is a Galactogogue which, as breastfeeding mothers struggling to produce milk might be aware of, means that it is a food or drug which increases milk production and keeps the baby fed. Galactogogues increase the production of prolactin; the key protein required for a mother’s body to make milk. If you would like a full list of all the Galactogogues we know you can find it by following this link (Wikipedia).

Fenugreek is most useful to mothers whose milk production starts to slow down in the few weeks following birth. It is not suitable to everyone but provided it does not give you stomach ache then it will help you to lactate. Generally speaking; all new mothers should think about taking a supplement to help them produce milk, but if you are unsure whether you need one or not this article from KellyMom will help you to spot the telltale signs.

How much Fenugreek should I take?

Fenugreek supplements are generally sold in capsule form and it is advised that you start by taking two a day and gradually increase the dose should you need it. The dose needs to reach at least 3,500 mg a day for it to work. In capsule form, this amounts to roughly six but it does depend on the strength of the brand you buy, so always check the label. For most people, the change is almost overnight but for others, it can take up to three days to work. It will stop working if you stop taking the Fenugreek supplements. Fenugreek has been classed as a ‘safe’ food but if it does cause an upset stomach simply stop taking it.

Ageless Nutrition – Fenugreek Supplement

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