Sometimes your sex drive is high and other times it may be low—that’s normal. But, what happens if you have a persistent problem with your libido?

Approximately 4 million people deal with some form of low libido but there are many ways to increase it and up your sex drive. There is a range of options from supplements to counseling and hormone therapy.

Low libido is a fairly common problem, so rest assured you are not alone and there are many options to boost your sex drive.

Read on to learn about ways you can combat low libido.

What is Low Libido?

Libido is something that can be defined differently by people. There is no set amount of times you should be having sex. The base for low libido should be if you are bothered by your lack of sexual desire.

For example, if it’s affecting your relationship then you may want to consider taking steps towards increasing your sex drive.

It’s important to understand the cause of low libido for the best chance of increasing libido. Here are some underlying factors that cause low libido:

  • Chronic Stress
  • Medications
  • Low testosterone
  • Depression
  • Other mental illness
  • Poor body image or self-esteem

Low sex drive can cause problems in relationships and self-esteem issues. Many Americans every year struggle with low libido and seek out help using natural supplements and lifestyle changes.

Libido Supplements

There are endless supplements targeted towards low libido and boosting sex drive in both men and women. Let’s take a look at a few of the more popular supplements.

Beet Root

Beet root has a high concentrate of nitrates which assist heart health and also blood flow. It also lowers blood pressure. High blood pressure can result in damaged blood vessels and disrupt blood flow sometimes leading to erectile dysfunction.


This supplement is thought to have a positive effect on libido. Several studies have been conducting on ginseng’s benefits and some have concluded its effect on Erectile dysfunction.

Maca root

This plant from the Central Andes has been used for many years to increase fertility. It’s also shown when taken daily it improves sexual desire. More specifically it can help with the low sex drive that is often a side effect of taking anti-depressant medications.


This is an ancient Chinese remedy that aids in better blood circulation including circulation to the sexual organs to boost libido and sex drive.


This is one of the more promising supplements for low libido made by our bodies. It’s converted into estrogen and testosterone improving our sex drive.


Ashwagandha can increase arousal and lubrication. Research shows it raises testosterone and balances out hormones in men.


In combination with other supplements, this supplement has shown an increase in sexual desire and arousal in women. It’s an amino acid that relaxes blood vessels.


Improves the hormones androgen and estrogen which have a direct effect on improving your libido, arousal, and sexual performance.

Vitamin E

This well-known vitamin will definitely spice up things for you because it increases both oxygen and blood flow to genitals. It also produces sex hormones to boost your libido.

Natural supplements are a good place to start. If you try them for a reasonable amount of time with no improvement it may be time to look at other options.

You might benefit from getting your hormones tested as well as other routine tests and labs that can be done in the office. These can test stress levels and may even help to identify a health problem you weren’t aware of.

Lifestyle Changes to Increase Libido

Although there are some factors that are out of our control like aging, we can do things to help boost low libido that are fairly easy, and most are things we should be doing during everyday life anyway.

Here are some important ways we can increase sex drive with lifestyle changes:

  • Get more physical exercise
  • Cut out alcohol
  • Better nutrition
  • Relationship counseling
  • Treating mental illnesses
  • Stop smoking
  • Change of scenery for you and your partner
  • Better communication
  • Better Sleep

A combination of lifestyle changes and the right supplements is the best way to tackle low libido.

Hormone’s Effect on Libido

Hormones also play a key role in libido. If hormones are out of whack, there’s a good chance you will see a decrease in arousal and sex drive.

Most people don’t realize men and women both have estrogen and testosterone and both are affected by either too much or too little in different ways.

If women have low estrogen, they might find themselves with vaginal dryness.

If testosterone is low for either men or women the sex drive will be affected for both.

Correcting any hormone imbalances is easy and can be done at your family doctor or a specialist. Having the right balance of hormones is vital to a healthy libido.

Where to Get Help

If you have tried natural supplements and feel like you need additional help to boost your libido there is help out there and no need to feel embarrassment.

You can start with your family doctor to see if they have any helpful advice based on your medical history. If you have erectile dysfunction or a medical cause for low libido they can make changes to medication or suggest new ones.

They may refer you to a sex therapist that may be able to get to the bottom of the problem and suggest ways to improve.

Next Steps to Take

Sex involves biology, physical, and emotional aspects which means there are many things that can affect your libido but also many ways to fix it.

Sex drive varies from one person to the next but if you’re unsatisfied with your sex drive and low libido, trying natural supplements coupled with lifestyle changes to increase your libido may help you.

Even though you won’t see changes the same day as trying the use of supplements and lifestyle change to increase it, you might be pleasantly surprised if you stick with it.

A great supplement to start out with is AgelessOxide which releases nitric oxide into your bloodstream improving blood flow to essentially all areas of your body and increasing stamina.

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