We have all felt the burn through exercise at some point in our lives – and just like any professional athlete, we all know the joy of sore muscles the day after you do the work. Sometimes this muscle pain can last for days before you can stand, sit or stretch as you normally would. But just like the professionals know you can treat sore muscles naturally and without having to resort to extremes. So save yourself from muscle pain by taking our advice and learning how to manage your aching muscles more naturally.

What Causes Sore Muscles?

Sore muscles are most commonly caused by exercise or overdoing particular activities. If you hold onto a stress position for too long, you will inevitably end up sore – no matter how fit you are. That being said, sore muscles aren’t only caused by exercise. Some of the other causes of muscle pain are as follows:

  • Minor injury, tears, or damage to the muscle group that aches.
  • Infection or illness.
  • Medicinal side effects can cause sore muscles.
  • Diseases like Fibromyglia, Lyme Disease or Lupus, as well as many others, can all cause your muscles to ache (Medical News Today).

The chances are that if you are already being treated for another disease, the prospect of taking more medication to treat your sore muscles is unappealing at best. So how do you treat this issue more naturally? 

woman holding sore knee from joint paint

How Do I Naturally Treat Sore Muscles?

There are a few different ways to treat sore muscles, and the methods will vary depending on your condition. For example, while gentle exercise might help a muscle ache caused by overuse; it is not recommended for those suffering chronic fatigue syndrome.

Stretch That Body

This is a great way to treat any sports injury and specific health conditions such as Plantar Fasciitis. Rather than stopping exercising altogether until any muscle problems are healed Web MD recommend that you keep up a light exercise regime to get you back to full strength.

Relax In A Bath

A good soak in a warmed bath can help relax your muscles immediately after exercising to help prevent the risk of injury. They can be used to loosen up sore muscles regardless of why you are aching. A hot bath is even good for Fibromyglia symptoms and numerous other diseases. Add some Epsom Salts to help your body absorb extra healing nutrients. 

Get A Massage

Many professional athletes have their physiotherapists on hand able to give sports massages whenever needed. Massage is a fantastic way to ease muscle ache because it isn’t just good for your sore muscles – but suitable for your health and well being too!

Apply Heat Or Ice

Sore muscles caused by physical injury can benefit from the application of either a hot or cold pack. A hot water bottle or simple basin of both hot and cold water, or some ice wrapped in a towel will do the trick. Alternate between the hot and cold sensations, and you should be able to convince them to contract and stretch once more (Common Sense Home).

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Take A Joint Supplement

Bounce back from joint and muscle pain with an all-natural supplement like AgelessJOINTS. Designed to enhance overall joint health, flexibility, and joint comfort, with this supplement made with all-natural ingredients, contains 1000mg of Glucosamine and 800mg of MSM per serving. Help fortify joints and enhance collagen rebuilding while promoting joint anti-inflammation, shock absorption, and lubrication.