Mood disorder is a blanket term that is used to refer to many conditions that caused instability in a person’s mood — the reasons for this range widely from depression to bipolar disorder. More often than not the condition does not have a constant effect. But is characterized by an unstable succession of moods, expressed in a rapid change of personality. Just being under the weather and having a generally negative outlook for no apparent reason, can also be classified as a mood disorder.

The treatments for this condition vary and depend on the severity of it and underlining cause. A person who has bipolar disorder will need a drastically different treatment, to a person who is suffering from a less pronounced condition. Sometimes we need some time to let our mood stabilize, and sometimes we need a serious medical intervention. But those are cases on different ends of the spectrum, and many people who are in-between can support their mood through the use of natural remedies, without adhering to prescription drugs, which in some cases may cause severe side effects.  

What causes mood disorders?

It seems weird to think that your feeling is a result of a chemical reaction happening in your body. But there is no way around that. In many cases of mood disorder, your body is not producing enough dopamine, serotonin or epinephrine. All of them are responsible for feeling motivated, energetic and most importantly happy. When your body chemistry is comprised, you experience it by a mood disorder. You are feeling down and negative, even though you either don’t have a reason for it or are clinging to something that has long passed. There are some prescribed drugs that are used to treat the most severe cases caused by such misbalance. But they come with lots of caveats and the side effects sometimes maybe even worse than the original problem.  

3 Effective Natural Mood Stabilizers

Because we want to avoid the side effect that prescribed medication often causes, reaching out for natural remedies is a very reasonable and popular option.

St Johns Wort Plant and Flowers

St. John’s Wort

For example St. John’s Wort has been a popular remedy for anyone experiencing so-called “blues,” nervousness and sometimes depression. This natural herb directly affects the neurotransmitters and keeps them at a level that will stabilize your mood. There are some scientific studies on this plant, and it has been proven to have fewer side effects than many prescription drugs. However, it should be noted, that I can be dangerous if taken with combination with prescribed medication.  

Dry Valerian Root

Valerian Root

Valerian is also a herbal remedy that is used widely, all around the world. In almost all cases people use it when they need to calm down. In other words, it’s a substantial natural remedy for anxiety. It has a very long history of use and is one of the safest herbs you can use for mood stabilization. 

Lavender Flowers


Lavender is also a plant you should be well aware of. Historically, it had a wide range of use for its many benefits in terms of alleviating anxiety and helping its users to sleep. It has been so useful and prevalent that its oil was used during World War I. It can be safely said, that lavender was one of the most often used mood stabilizers before the invention of prescribed drugs.

Natural Mood Enhancing Supplement

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