As we get older back pain becomes more noticeable. When you live an active lifestyle, this pain can be miserable and hinder your quality of life. An ounce of proactive measures may be worth a pound of pain pills. Let’s look at some of the best tips to help you with back pain prevention.


The first step of prevention is exercise. Exercise is essential to preventing back pain, especially when it comes to strengthening your core. That fundamental strength is critical to avoid dealing later with pain. One trendy choice is to practice yoga. Yoga is one of the most incredible things that you can do for your back. There are even specific yoga exercises for lower back pain.

Practicing yoga can strengthen your core and help you with your stretching to loosen your muscles. It will also promote relaxation and deep breathing. Attending yoga classes can be the best way to approach this as the instructor can ensure proper form to avoid yoga injuries.


You should also pay attention to your posture, both sitting down and standing up. Don’t hunch your shoulders over when you are sitting at the computer and maintain an upright posture while standing. By practicing proper posture, you are better able to maintain the natural curves of your spine, keeping it strong and preventing achiness at the end of the day.

Healthful Habits

Staying healthy is another easy tip for keeping back pain away. Healthier lifestyles are less prone to stress, which can be a significant cause of back pain. Keep excess weight off and make sure you have the nutrition you need to stay active, both of which can be essential in preventing back pain.

Adding a quality joint supplement will help you prevent joint pain as you increase your activity level. Avoid smoking as well, since this can make you more susceptible to injury and slower to recover from injuries.

Sleeping Positions

How you sleep can also cause back pain, so be sure never to sleep flat on your back without knee support. Sleeping on your side with a firm pillow between your knees is a great alternative as this does not put extra pressure on your back while sleeping. Simple sleeping tips can help reduce and prevent back pain. Getting restful sleep will also help with your daily stress.

See a Professional

Back pain can hold you back from living the active life that you want to. By following these tips, you are likely to notice a difference in how your back feels. If you do suffer from chronic back pain, some things that you can do to relieve it include getting a massage, acupuncture, and visiting a chiropractor. Seeing a professional can also help identify if you have systemic causes like a herniated disc.