One can argue that stress is an inherent part of the modern world. We are always in a hurry and constant pressure. Sometimes we sacrifice a lot to achieve very little. Stress is simply a natural result of this lifestyle. Unfortunately for us, we are not built thrive under these conditions. Out physical and mental qualities deteriorate under stress, which leads to many serious medical conditions. It can be said that stress is a gateway to some of the worst medical conditions you can get your body through. In combination with an unhealthy diet, pollution and lack of exercise, the stress can be one of the biggest killers in modern worlds. 

Causes and Effects of Stress

You might think that stress is just a mental thing and will not affect you physically. Nothing can be further from the truth. One it becomes a constant partner in your life, the “chronic” stress will inadvertently lead to chemical changes in your body and cause a wide range of conditions. Stress is how your body reacts to what it perceives as a danger. In term of evolution, it makes sense. When your ancestor saw a predator, their body would react accordingly. Chemical reactions would start up and whole systems of organs would change their behavior. This was all needed to survive. And survive we did. But it also took a toll at our bodies.  

Even though modern life seems so much more comfortable than running away from predators and living in caves, we become much more vulnerable to stress. There are a ton of situation that your body perceives as danger. Problems in relationships, too much work, loss of a loved one, change of home and environment, all of those are seen by your body as threats and it acts accordingly. It feels stressed and ready to fight. Slowly but surely this wears you out and makes you more susceptible to more serious medical conditions. Heart diseases, obesity, diabetes and worst of all, cancer can stem out from constant stress you go through. But it is a reality that we have to face. Maybe someday the world will change for the better, but we live in the present and must deal with stress the best we can. 

Natural Stress Relief Remedies

As is often the case prescribed drugs do work, but they always have side effects which are hard to tolerate. If you are receiving the “normal” amount of stress, it is much better to first try out an abundant amount of natural remedies available.  


This is one of the easiest and well-known ways to fight stress, but some people try to avoid it at all cost. It is understandable that when you are under stress the last thing you want is to go out for a jog. But you can start by simple 10 minutes work out at our place and then move to something more intense. Exercise will release endorphins, which are directly responsible for improving your mood and get rid of cortisol, stress hormones. Yoga and meditation are also excellent ways to stay focused and relax to reduce the effects of stress.

Healthy Diet

Junk food can be a huge comfort in your life. Coming back from a busy work day and eating some of your favorite fast food might feel good while you are doing it. But it will only continue the cycle and further enhance the deterioration of your physical and mental self. Avoid unhealthy foods and try to include natural stress-relieving foods such as dark chocolate, blueberries, milk, salmon, green tea, yogurt, avocado, and nuts.

Herbal Remedies

Valerian, lavender, green tea, and kava root have a long history of use for natural stress relief and anti-anxiety. They don’t have any side effects and are considered perfectly safe. If you combine them with at least one or two above mentioned methods of stress relief, you will feel the positive effect very quickly. 

Natural Mood Enhancing Supplement


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