Over half of older adults suffer from at least one chronic illness.

Physical activity is one of the things you can do to help prevent many of these conditions, but it can also be difficult to exercise when you’re struggling with your health.

For that reason, we recommend taking supplements that will increase your ability to participate in physical activities. Choosing the right vitamins and minerals will make a huge difference.

Keep reading to learn more about nitric oxide and other supplements that can help you feel better and get more out of your exercise time.

Benefits of Nitric Oxide

One of the most important molecules in the body, nitric oxide can be found in nearly every cell.┬áThere are three main benefits of nitric oxide for the aging athlete. Let’s take a closer look at each of these.

Improve Blood Flow

Nitric oxide is a vasodilator. That means it opens up your blood vessels and allows your blood to flow more freely throughout your body, oxygenating cells and removing cellular waste more quickly.

Lower Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a common problem in older adults and can lead to heart disease among other health concerns.

As nitric oxide increases blood flow, it can decrease blood pressure since your heart doesn’t have to work as hard to get your blood to every part of your body.

Control Blood Sugar Levels

Another common concern in the aging population is type 2 diabetes, a condition in which your body is not as sensitive to insulin as it should be.

The production of nitric oxide is reduced in people with type 2 diabetes, and studies have found that adding a supplement can help increase insulin sensitivity which decreases an individual’s dependence on synthetic insulin.

Reduce Erectile Dysfunction

For older men, erectile dysfunction can prevent them from participating in one of the most enjoyable forms of physical activity. However, nitric oxide can help.

One of the reasons many men have trouble getting and maintaining an erection is there isn’t enough blood flowing into their penis. With nitric oxide working as a vasodilator, this problem can be solved.

Nitric oxide can also increase your body’s production of gonadotrophin which is part of testosterone production. Since another cause of erectile dysfunction is low testosterone levels, this can also help with this condition.

Better Exercise Endurance

The last benefit of nitric oxide we’re going to cover is exercise endurance. As you can imagine, having improved blood flow is the primary reason this supplement is loved by so many athletes.

As you work out, your body requires more oxygen and creates more cellular waste that needs to be removed from your body. Having a vasodilator like nitric oxide helping do that for you will help you get more out of your workouts.

Faster Recovery Time

As we already mentioned, nitric oxide can help your body remove cellular waste from your body more quickly because of increased blood flow. This can help your body recover faster since it takes less time for the toxins that are released during exercise to get out of your system.

It’s important to note that nitric oxide supplements shouldn’t replace a great cool-down routine or post-workout recovery habits such as drinking plenty of water and stretching. However, they can improve the outcome of these.

What to Look For

Not all nitric oxide supplements are created equal. In fact, many only contain one form of this compound which can make it more difficult for your body to fully utilize the supplement.

It’s also important to note that you won’t find legitimate nitric oxide supplements with nitric oxide in them. This is because it’s something your body produces and can’t be given in its final form.

Instead, good supplements contain the building blocks your body needs to create usable nitric oxide. Let’s look at┬áthe things you should look for when searching for a great nitric oxide supplement.


Beets are one of the best sources of nitrates. Specifically, the root of the beet plant is where these compounds are found.

Nitrates are what your body needs to produce nitric oxide, so you’ll want to make sure you’re using a supplement that includes plenty of beetroot in it. You can also add this vegetable to your diet for an added benefit.


The amino acid your body needs to help convert nitrates into nitric oxide is known as L-arginine. This is the main ingredient in many nitric oxide supplements because of how essential it is to the process.

Many nitric oxide supplements will only contain this amino acid, but there’s one other ingredient that will help maximize your body’s ability to generate this exercise-boosting compound.


This amino acid can be converted by your body into L-arginine. This helps give your body even more opportunities to make nitric oxide and can help prolong the effects of the supplement.

When a supplement contains all three of these ingredients, it has everything your body needs to generate nitric oxide for you throughout the day.

Other Exercise-Enhancing Supplements

While there are many benefits of taking nitric oxide by itself to boost your exercise performance, there are other supplements that you may need to take to get even more out of your workout.

Let’s look at a few options for ageless athletes to stay on top of their game.


There’s no getting around the fact that your body starts to break down as you age. Your bones and joints are no exception, which is why many aging athletes take glucosamine.

A glucosamine supplement can help you build up cartilage, strengthen bones, and reduce inflammation to provide you with pain-free exercise.

Vitamin D

Many people don’t realize the importance of vitamin D, especially when it comes to exercise. However, there are many benefits including:

  • Optimizing muscle function
  • Pain and inflammation reduction
  • Improved physical performance

Adding a vitamin D supplement to your daily regimen will help you gain all of these benefits and more.

Want These Supplements?

Now you know how nitric oxide can help you improve your overall health and continue to get great workouts at any age. As you can see, there are many benefits to taking it.

If you want to start taking nitric oxide or other supplements made for the aging population, check out our shop. We have a wide variety of blends available so you can find one or several that fit your needs.