Are you one of the thousands of Americans searching for a natural energy boost? Are you desperate to lose weight or reduce your stress?

What if we told you that a single supplement could do all of these things and more?

Organic Ashwagandha is a natural, medicinal herb that’s growing in popularity. And it’s no surprise given its many benefits.

Curious to learn more about how organic Ashwagandha can change your life and improve your health?

Keep reading for the ultimate guide on this beneficial herb.

What is Organic Ashwagandha?

Before we get into the many health benefits of organic Ashwagandha, let’s discuss exactly what it is.

A popular herb in Indian alternative medicine, Ashwagandha is praised for its natural healing abilities. In use for over 3,000 years, this medicinal herb is said to relieve stress, increase energy, and improve concentration.

The origin of the word is “smell of the horse”. This describes not only its unique smell but the herb’s ability to boost energy and increase strength.

Ashwagandha is also known by several other names including winter cherry and Indian ginseng.

In its natural form, Ashwangdha is a small shrub with yellow flowers. The plant is primarily found in North Africa and India. Powder from the plant, as well as extracts, are used to create beneficial supplements.

Benefits of Organic Ashwagandha

If you’re an active adult looking for ways to support your healthy lifestyle, look no further.

Organic Ashwagandha is proven to improve both your physical and mental well-being. Here’s how it’s done!

Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Eight in 10 Americans admit to being stressed on a regular basis.

Whether it’s over finances, relationships, or something else, stress can cause a long list of health complications. Untreated, stress can lead to paranoia, chronic anxiety, and even depression.

Organic Ashwagandha is most widely recognized as a stress-reliever. Scientific evidence indicates that Ashwagandha can block the stress pathways to the brain by controlling chemical signals sent to the nervous system.

In addition, this medical herb also helps lower cortisol levels. Cortisol is produced by the adrenal glands as a natural response to stress.

Not only do lower levels of cortisol reduce stress, but it can also lead to weight loss. The link between cortisol and stress can cause increased appetite and weight gain.

New research also suggests that Ashwagandha may help combat feelings of depression, which can develop from chronic stress and anxiety.

Improve Focus and Memory

Partial memory loss is a common part of the aging process. Organic Ashwagandha may play a role in mitigating memory loss and brain function problems.

Free radicals in the body can attack brain cells and negatively affect your memory. Ashwagandha’s antioxidant properties can help prevent nerve damage.

In fact, it’s proven to slow down the cognitive deterioration in Alzheimer’s patients. The build-up of beta-amyloid plaque in the brain can be toxic to brain cells. Organic Ashwagandha inhibits the formation of this plaque.

Increase Fertility in Men

Infertility in men is a common but embarrassing condition. As men age, their testosterone levels can dip, causing infertility, as well as erectile dysfunction.

Gone untreated, ED can damage personal relationships and wreak havoc on a man’s self-confidence.

Not only can organic Ashwagandha increases testosterone levels but it may boost sperm count and improve reproductive health.

Ashwagandha is said to increase antioxidants in the blood, which directly affects both energy and testosterone levels. Women’s sexual health can also benefit from Ashwagandha – in the form of increased sex drive.

Reduce Inflammation

Do you suffer from arthritis? Chronic inflammation is another common condition that makes it difficult for some adults to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.

Ashwagandha reportedly decreases markers for inflammation in the body, most notably the C-reactive protein.

Over time, inflammation can lead to chronic pain, making it difficult to perform everyday tasks. Ashwagandha can help reduce this paint as well as joint swelling, stiffness, and discomfort.

Lower Blood Sugar Levels

Diabetes is a common, life-threatening, condition that’s primarily caused by high blood sugar levels. If you’re looking for a natural way to lower your blood sugar, look no further.

Organic Ashwagandha is said to increase the release of insulin in the body and help improve insulin sensitivity.

Even if you don’t suffer from diabetes, Ashwagandha is a great preventative method for keeping your blood sugar at a healthy level.

Help Fight Cancer

Millions of people are diagnosed with cancer each day. There are reportedly carcinogens in thousands of things you use and consume each day.

While you may not be able to stop cancer in its tracks, organic Ashwagandha has some cancer-fighting benefits.

Several compounds found in Ashwagandha might actually prevent the growth of new cancer cells.

Withaferin, one such compound, is said to promote apoptosis, the programmed killing of cancer cells. This compound may also help weaken cancer cells’ defenses against apoptosis.

While most studies have been performed on animals and not yet humans, the evidence and possibilities are encouraging.

In an effort to fight off cancer cells and strengthen the immune system, organic Ashwagandha also increases the body’s production of natural killer cells. This can help you fight off infection and stay healthy.

Build Strength and Muscle Mass

Similar to joint pain and inflammation, reduced muscle mass and strength are common among older adults. But organic Ashwagandha can not only help preserve the muscles you have but encourage increased muscle mass and strength.

Ashwagandha may even reduce the production of body fat. This natural herb can help you get the most out of your workouts and increase body composition, leaving you feeling stronger, healthier, and younger!

Discover How Organic Ashwagandha Can Improve Your Life

Are you looking for a natural supplement to add to your daily routine? Want something that can not only give you more energy but help combat a long list of health issues?

Organic Ashwagandha can do it all!

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