Sarsaparilla (Smilax ornata) is indigenous to South America and the Caribbean, and it is a tropical plant. Around the world, people used the root of the sarsaparilla plant for its medicinal properties. It was used in Europe long before it was eventually recognized in the Americas. Sarsaparilla root contains a high concentration of nutrients and organic compounds, and its extracts are added to various food substances, including soups, stews, and many others. You will also find this beneficial plant extract within premium skin care supplements, such as AgelessHAIR.

These amazing roots are renowned for their use in maintaining a healthy body as well as treating diseases.

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7 Sarsaparilla Root Benefits

1. Pain relief

There are different types of pains that the body can experience, and sarsaparilla is useful in treating most of them, such as joint pains, arthritis, aching muscles, and gout. The compounds in sarsaparilla such as saponin and parillin, help sooth pains and aid in recovery.

2. Boosts sex drive

This is one of the older uses of sarsaparilla. It was used to sperm motility and blood flow in an attempt to facilitate conception. It is excellent for couples trying to have a child both by raising libido and sex drive, thus improving chances of conception.

3. Anti-aging of skin

The extract from sarsaparilla roots is used in salves and creams due to antimicrobial properties. It also helps to improve the texture of the skin. It is used to maintain smooth skin and also get rid of spots and signs of aging.

4. Detoxification

Sarsaparilla roots are used for blood purification. It induces urine and cleanses the body of fats, salts, and toxins. It is, therefore, useful to help patients slim down and prevent infections by getting rid of toxins.

5. Weight loss

Sarsaparilla is believed to be able to reduce food cravings. It makes for an excellent dietary supplement for people trying to lose weight as it makes them want to eat less. The science behind this is still being investigated.

6. Strengthens the immune system

The compounds found in the roots of sarsaparilla possess antimicrobial properties and are used to prevent infections. Thanks to its role in skincare, it also helps prevent the body from contracting diseases, thus aiding the immune system. The ability to facilitate the removal of toxins also helps to boost the immune system.

7. Help in the treatment of syphilis

The need for eradicating sexually transmitted diseases is a high requirement in the modern world. The antimicrobial potential of sarsaparilla roots makes it useful as a natural remedy for syphilis. It may not be as effective as modern antibiotics and antifungal treatments, but the search for more herbal remedies means that sarsaparilla roots are an excellent choice for caring and managing syphilis.


Side Effects

Some of these benefits of sarsaparilla have been scientifically proven, and therefore, it is used commonly for its health benefits. It is also recommended by health care professionals and is a common feature of modern drugs. Despite all the health benefits of sarsaparilla roots, there are possible side effects, including allergies and stomach upset. Therefore it is advised to use this supplement in moderation.