About 25% of men over 30 have low testosterone right now.

That’s a reason for alarm because a man’s ’30s and ’40s are his prime years, where physical strength, sexual vitality, and life achievement should all be firing on all cylinders. If you have low testosterone levels, you need to do everything in your power to make this right.

Below we’ll dive into why testosterone is important, how these levels affect your life, and how you can maintain them.

Why Is Testosterone Important?

Testosterone is the male sex hormone, and it also is key in helping the body maintain homeostasis. Homeostasis is the body’s preferred condition for operation in order to keep balance and health.

It was the hormone most prevalent during puberty, and it regulates all aspects of what makes a masculine creature male.

What are the Benefits of Healthy Testosterone Levels?

Your natural healthy testosterone level is predicated on a number of factors, to include your age, genetics, fitness level and lifestyle. But on a basic level, 270-1070 ng/dL is a normal testosterone range, and the average hovers around 700 ng/dL.

Here are some of the health benefits associated with maintaining the proper testosterone levels:

1. More Muscle Tone and Athletic Build

There’s a reason why athletes tend to have higher testosterone levels. When your body is pumping with testosterone, you will have a more precise muscle tone and will be stronger overall.

This serves you well if you have a physical activity that you participate in on a regular basis. You’ll maintain a strong and healthy body as you age, and won’t miss a beat in terms of physicality.

2. Better Clarity and Mental Focus

When your testosterone is healthy, you will also have more focus and clarity. This will allow you to stay locked into your tasks each day and on task without your mind wandering.

This is crucial since a healthy mind has an effect on the body, and vice-versa.

3. Drive For Life and Accomplishment

When you feel strong and confident, it’s only right that you find you have more direction in your life.

Living a life of stamina and endurance naturally makes you want to fill your time with things that are positive and productive. As such, it’s not uncommon for men with healthy testosterone levels to achieve more and find more fulfillment with business, finance, and life.

4. Higher Energy Levels, an Incredible Sex Life, and Overall Vitality

Your endurance is unreal when you have healthy testosterone levels. You’ll notice that you fight fatigue less and will have a higher libido.

As such, men that improve their testosterone levels tend to find more excitement in their sex lives.

What Happens When Your Testosterone Levels are Low?

If you are dealing with low testosterone levels, there are a number of issues that you might contend with, including the following:

1. Low Sperm Count, Sexual Dysfunction and Impotence

It’s difficult to conceive a child when you have low testosterone. Your sperm count will drop and you may experience erectile dysfunction and impotence.

What’s more, a low testosterone level can take a hit to your confidence, which has you more guarded and insecure in bed.

2. Lethargy and Brain Fog in Your Daily Life

It’s also harder to keep your thoughts straight when your testosterone levels are low.

You’ll feel more flighty and less grounded emotionally as well, which can lead to depression and apathy.

3. Trouble Getting Healthy and Fulfilling Sleep

It’s hard to defend against stress when you have low testosterone, so you may deal with insomnia from not being able to calm down and relax at night.

As such, you’ll find that your sleep is less fulfilling and that you may wake up tired and cranky. This lack of energy carries over into your daily life, which can exacerbate your stress and discomfort.

4. A Fattier, Weaker Body

When your testosterone levels are low, you will also see that your muscle tone goes away and your body becomes fattier.

This makes you more estrogenic, and you’ll find that you lose some strength. Your body losing its muscle tone can also make you more susceptible to injury.

How Can I Boost and Balance My Testosterone Levels?

When you want to improve your testosterone levels, it’s important that you make fitness your first priority. Exercise every single day, even if it’s just to do a few body squats and stretches.

Get your fill of healthy foods so that your body stays strong and healthy.

There are plant-based foods like avocado, pumpkin seed, chia seed, and lentils that work wonders for your testosterone levels. Keep your diet as clean as possible to be certain that you’re maintaining healthy testosterone levels.

It’s also important that you de-stress your life as much as possible and optimize your sleep. Be sure that you’re getting 8 hours of sleep per night, or as close to it as possible.

Having a meditation practice that you follow is a phenomenal way to get rid of stress. You’ll optimize your brain and your body’s ability to relax, rather than letting stress stick to you and damage your testosterone levels.

Further, be sure that you are fueling your body with the right supplements. Look into a stack that is perfect for your age and lifestyle.

Get Your Testosterone Under Control

Getting your testosterone levels under control will help you body mentally and physically. You’ll get that spark back into your life and will feel like you can take on the world again.

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