Relaxation and sleep are our most essential commodities with regards to our body’s health.  They offer relief from the stress of a busy day and heal the physical, mental, and emotional turmoil of the day.

For many of us, sleep and relaxation can be an elusive vision that never seems to happen.  After a long and challenging day of work, we can find it hard sometimes to let go of the events that brought us to where we are.  Our mind goes over the moments with a fine-tooth comb picking them apart for flaws sometimes to the point of even more exhaustive stress and a whole lot less sleep.

Stress and everyday life

There are certain things we can do in our day that can relieve and keep stress to a minimum and promote sleep.  We might spend time working out whether it is gentle yoga, great dancing, or a competitive game of basketball.  How we eat and what we eat can promote excellent or bad physical stress in our lives and affect sleeping habits. Sticking to a healthy diet is optimum for every individual.

Taking vitamins and minerals to enhance our body also promotes sound sleep habits and freedom from daily stress as well as having a social network of positive individuals who support us and a job we enjoy.  If we get out each day and spend time within nature for a few moments reconnecting with the earth and possibly do some short journaling before bed to release pent up emotions, we set ourselves up for a good night’s sleep.

Too stressed? Can’t sleep? Add hops to your diet!

What happens when our day was just too stressful, and we are unable to relax and sleep despite all these efforts we have made?  What would benefit us in this area to get us the relief we need and put us back to track for another day?

Hops used in brewing beer and medicine might be just the answer to what is needed.  I know you might be thinking, should I drink a beer then?  Well not unless you want to of course, but too much alcohol can have the reverse effect on sleep.  The dried portion of the hop plant can offer a sedative effect when taken via a supplement to aid in promoting relaxation and sleep as well as potentially helping with nervousness and anxiety.

Although to date there hasn’t been much research done on Hops as a supplement to enhance relaxation and sleep that is changing every day.  According to, a chemical found in Hops may aid in this area for those suffering from issues with relaxation and sleep.  When paired with an already well know sleep aids Valerian Extract and Passion Flower Extract, Hops assists in shortening the time it takes to fall asleep and maintaining sleep for a more extended amount of time.  Hops also assist in lowering body temperature which can have a positive effect on rest because we sleep better when our bodies are slightly cooler.

Dosage and supplements

While research needs to continue the sedative properties of Hops in the meantime taking a combination supplement before bedtime consistently for two weeks with a low dose of under 600mg of Hops should get you off to a good start to better sleep. At Ageless Nutrition, we firmly believe that everyone deserves a stress-free day (as much as possible) and a good night’s sleep! That is why we created two premium natural supplements for sleep support and stress relief. Both AgelessSERENITY and AgelessSLEEP contain a healthy amount of hops so that you can wake up feeling better. As with any dietary and supplement intake you should always consult a physician before beginning to make sure there are no drug interactions with the supplements.


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