Beard growth injections are associated with testosterone levels because it is a male sex hormone that helps infertility, increasing muscle mass, blood production, and hair growth, etc. Testosterone is also produced in females but in a small amount to regulate few-body processes, but in men, it is produced abundantly to promote secondary sexual characteristics. In this article, we will discuss beard growth injections, the effects, and the natural supplement and vitamin alternatives to this medical procedure.


There are some specific levels of testosterone in the body, but if they exceed or reduce may cause particular symptoms. There are a few common symptoms to keep an eye out for, and you can read more about these side effects below.

What happens when testosterone levels are high?

Testosterone replacement therapy or some medical condition may increase the testosterone levels, which may cause the following symptoms such as:

  • Oily skin or severe acne
  • Enlargement of breast
  • Sleep disorders
  • Water retention
  • A decrease in sperm production
  • Reduction in testicle size

What happens when testosterone levels are low?

On the other side, testosterone levels may reduce due to age and certain other factors, which may produce the following symptoms:

  • Low libido
  • Hot flashes
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Increase in body fat and reduction in muscle mass
  • Emotional changes especially depression
  • Loss of head or facial hair

There have been professional studies done on aging males to find the connection between age and testosterone levels. You can read more about the study here.

young man having beard growth injection

Beard growth injections

Testosterone promotes the beard growth and is an essential component of the beard growth injection. An adult requires some levels of testosterone, i.e., between 300 and 1000 ng/dl, which needs to be maintained. If you are having hair loss issue or difficulty in beard growth, the physician will ask for the blood test to measure the testosterone levels, but if the levels are lower than the range, the doctor may suggest testosterone injection. These are used in testosterone replacement therapy.

For men, testosterone injection works to boost testosterone production, while women are given testosterone injection to treat malignant breast cancer. It helps in beard growth by stimulating the hair growth. The doctor usually administers it in the gluteal muscles in the buttock. In some cases, the doctor allows self-administration to thigh muscles.

How is a testosterone injection administered?

Testosterone is injected in the muscles after every 2 to 4 weeks depending upon requirement because the overdose of testosterone is not good and may cause the symptoms mentioned above. After diagnosis depending upon testosterone levels, the doctor recommends the testosterone therapy, and it helps the boys having delayed puberty, etc. It is also useful for older aged people whose testosterone levels reduced.

Are they useful for beard growth?

Testosterone or beard injections are great for growing facial hair thick, and men having high testosterone levels have thick and great beards. Nowadays, beard growth is considered mandatory because according to studies, men having a beard are considered cool, and women get attracted to them more. Beards are considered a symbol of manhood, and boys who are having difficulty in beard growth are usually recommended to have testosterone injections that help them to grow a beard.

Testosterone is a hormone and contains dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is a steroid present in it, which accumulates in the head hair follicles and may cause baldness. Men who are old usually get bald because of this reason that DHT collects in the hair follicles, and they start losing head hair, but DHT has no effect of baldness on the body or facial hair. Every man is different and has different DHT levels in his testosterone that determines when men will go towards baldness. Some men have high DHT levels and get bald at an early age, but some have low DHT levels, which prevents them from getting bald.

Beard growth injections are useful for beard growth up to some extent, but as the injection is muscular and may increase the DHT levels in the body, which increases the baldness risk. Mostly DHT blockers are recommended to maintain the normal levels. As men get older, testosterone deficiency becomes more common but taking supplements and vitamins is the best way to aid the deficiency.

Natural supplements for beard growth

The best thing is to have supplements that are natural and easy to use. Beard injections can be administered at thigh at home, but that is not safe, but a supplement can be taken quickly, and maximum absorption is possible due to supplement. Oils, creams, and lotions containing testosterone are available in the market that when applied to scalp or face stimulates the follicles and promotes beard growth.

Although these supplements work great to produce thick and long beard, it’s not guaranteed that they will produce desirable effects because genetic also play an essential role. If you have a genetic issue, your beard will not grow like others having low testosterone levels. In those cases, other methods can be used for beard growth.

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