The cells that give you that gorgeous, thick, shiny hair are your hair-producing hair follicles. It’s not your hair itself. Like all cells in the body, your hair-producing cells are fed by nutrients you take in and that your body produces. Any kind of nutrient deficiency can lead to hair thinning, hair loss, and dull, lackluster hair.

Poor diet, stress, hormone changes, and trauma are a few things that can cause nutrient deficiency and hair loss. Luckily, taking the best supplements for hair growth — like those in AgelessHAIR — can make up for nutrient deficiency and bring back your fabulous locks.

But what exactly are the supplements in AgelessHAIR and why do they make it the best supplement for my hair, you ask?

To answer that question, let’s look at the key vitamins for hair and other nutrients in AgelessHAIR that boost hair health: biotin, horsetail, collagen, and vitamins A and C.

Keep reading to learn what they do. Then, get started supplementing with AgelessHAIR to revitalize your locks!


Biotin is one of the key active ingredients in AgelessHAIR that helps supply your hair-producing cells with what they need to make healthy hair.

Also known as vitamin B7, biotin is needed to regulate keratin protein. Keratin is the protein that hair and the root in the hair follicle are made of.

Keratin is an amino acid that helps the protein synthesis needed to make healthy hair. If your body is short on biotin, it can’t produce the keratin.

Your entire body needs a lot of different kinds of protein to stay healthy. And the amount of protein around your body also affects your hair.

If your body is short in protein, it’ll borrow it from your hair follicle supply and give it to the other parts of the body that need it to stay alive. You don’t need hair to stay alive and your body knows this!

So healthy hair is a great indicator of health overall and a fabulous barometer to show you if you’re getting the right supplements.

Horsetail Leaf Extract

Horsetail is another key ingredient that makes AgelessHAIR so effective. It’s an ancient hollow-stemmed plant that has been used for centuries for medicinal purposes.

Horsetail supports healthy hair production and maintenance. It is also known to help with bladder and kidney functions. It helps with proper fluid retention and management and helps stave off infections.

Horsetail contains two minerals key to healthy hair. These are silica and selenium. Deficiency in these minerals can lead to hair loss but supplementation provides a solution.

The mineral silica works to help your body store calcium. Your body needs calcium for bones, nails, and skin and other structures and functions. Calcium deficiency has been shown to cause alopecia, which makes your hair fall out in chunks.

The antioxidant properties of horsetail can also be a plus for your hair because hair loss can happen when too many free radicals affect hair production and maintenance.


Collagen is a protein that’s produced by your body and is found all over your body. Collagen provides some amino acids used to make the keratin that makes up your hair. If you’re short on collagen, the collagen in AgelessHAIR can boost it up to help build up your hair again.

Collagen also provides elasticity to the dermis of your skin. This is where your hair follicles produce your hair.

With age and sometimes stress, collagen can get depleted. A supplement can step in to boost elasticity and promote continued production of healthy hair.

Vitamin A

Each cell in the body needs vitamin A to grow. If you don’t get enough of it, cells are in trouble.

A vitamin A deficiency can lead to hair loss and other problems. Many cells in your body have a high turnover rate and are constantly reproducing and growing.

Vitamin A deficiency also impacts the production of sebum on your scalp. Sebum is a moisturizer. Supplement with vitamin A and you can add back sebum production to help moisturize your hair, skin, and hair follicles.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is needed for protein metabolism. If you’re short in vitamin C, your body struggles to absorb protein in your gut.

If protein doesn’t get absorbed into your system and metabolized, it leaves the body. This can lead to a protein deficiency around your body, including in your hair-producing hair-follicle cells.

Hence, having a vitamin C deficiency can lead to hair loss. Get vitamin C in a supplement like AgelessHAIR, however, and you can get back to the right vitamin C levels. You’ll also get back that healthy hair.

Natural and Safe

AgelessHAIR is made with natural ingredients and is a heavy metal-safe supplement. This means it is free of some of the heavy metals sometimes found in supplements that lead to negative physical effects on the body. These metals include arsenic, lead, and mercury.

AgelessHAIR is produced in the United States in a manufacturing facility that is FDA registered. The facility follows the Good Manufacturing Practice Standards to a tee.

Your Gorgeous Hair With the Best Supplements for Hair Growth

Now that you know the best supplements for hair growth are found in AgelessHAIR and are all-natural and safe, you know where to go to boost your nutrients and your healthy hair growth.

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