Aug 22, 2018

Which Natural Vitamins Help You Get Healthier Skin?

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Our skin is the reflection of our health that may be dietary, physical or psychological, but it reflects what we are giving to our body. Skin is a parameter that shows our internal feelings, healthy and glowing skin is only achieved if you are taking proper vitamins and minerals. Vitamins are the group of an organic compound that is required for normal growth and nutrition. They are required in small quantity and cannot be synthesized by our body, so we need foods such as fruits and vegetables to fulfill our vitamin need. With growing age, our skin starts to dull, but with proper nourishment, these age changes can be slow down. Here you will come to know about various vitamins and minerals that are essential for healthy skin. These all are natural vitamins and don’t involve injections or tiring procedures.

Vitamin A

This vitamin has antioxidant potential and present in various foods such as carrots, spinach mangoes, and sweet potatoes. Retinoid is a type of vitamin A and present in beef, dairy, and eggs. Vitamin A is essential for healthy skin, cosmetics products having vitamin A helps in having a wrinkle free skin. Vitamin A enriched foods protect from lung cancer and very helpful in proper vision.

Folic acid

Folic acid is important because it helps in blood formation and generation of new cells. For baby’s proper development mothers are recommended to take folic acid supplements.  It helps in improving skin health and appearance. When it is applied with creatine on the skin, they improve the firmness of skin because they boost the collagen synthesis process.


This vitamin is synthesized by the body because it is important for the synthesis of neurotransmitter acetylcholine which helps in brain functioning. Apart from brain activity, this vitamin plays the vital role in skin membranes that results in healthy skin. The vitamin choline is present in eggs, milk, and peanuts, etc.

Vitamin C

Ascorbic acid or vitamin C is good for overall health but a basic ingredient for healthy firm skin. Vitamin C enriched foods are broccoli, citrus fruits, strawberries, tomatoes and bell peppers. It helps the body to synthesize collagen which is a type of connective tissue and keep the skin firm and young. Due to body stress response free radicals produce which causes damage to the body, but the antioxidant potential of vitamin C reverses the changes. Vitamin C is best for decolored or hyperpigmented skin because it lightens the skin color. Skin whitening products contain vitamin C.

Vitamin E

Almost all vitamin are antioxidants, but vitamin E is the best one as it makes the skin beautiful. This is oil soluble vitamin and protects the skin from oxidative damage. It also prevents acne. The vitamin E enriched foods are seeds, nuts, fruits, vegetables and vegetable oils, etc.

Vitamin D

Normally people know vitamin D for strong bones, but it is very helpful for the skin as well. Vitamin D is also known as “sunshine vitamin” because it is obtained from sunlight. There are food sources of vitamin D as well such as breakfast cereals, milk, eggs, fish, and mushrooms. Vitamin D has an anti-inflammatory role and fights with infections in the body and skin. Vitamin D deficiency is linked with acne and lifeless skin, which can be overcome by supplements and foods.

Vitamin K

We, humans, are prone to injuries because our skin is sensitive. In those cases, vitamin K acts as Holy grail because it quickens the recovery. Without vitamin K blood cannot coagulate, so for coagulation, it is essential. Our skin looks darker due to poor circulation such as bruises, dark circles, and spider veins, etc. Vitamin K helps in these cases, even as it helps to get rid of scars and stretch marks to make skin healthy and flawless. Vitamin K enriched foods are kale, cabbage, milk, and liver.

Vitamin B

Vitamin B is essential for healthier skin especially vitamin B3 and B5 known as niacin and pantothenic acid respectively. Various beauty products contain niacinamide and pantothenic acid which not only makes the skin healthy but also lightens the skin. They maintain the water loss from skin and makes the skin young. The sources of vitamin B are avocado, whole grain, and chicken.

For a healthy skin balanced diet containing all vitamins and minerals are essential. If your skin is dull and unhealthy, improve your diet and get some supplements to overcome deficiency if you have any.


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